Donate to our Sponsorship Fund:
Donate to our sponsorship fund to give other children and families the gift of camp next summer. Though we helped 150 people stretch their resources to come to JOY last summer, our sponsorship needs were underfunded by $7000. We'd love to see that fully funded, so that we never have to turn someone away from a week at camp.

Donate to our Sponsorship Fund in Honour of someone on your list:
Donate to our sponsorship fund in honour of someone on your gift list, in lieu of a gift that can sit on a shelf! Go to Canada Helps and include your instructions so that we can send a gift card, either to you or to the honouree.

Click here to donate today.


Work Bee's

Sometimes JOY's supporters assume that the only way they can give to this work is by sending their money. Even though JOY needs your financial support, we also can use your time and energy!

Plan to be with us for fun and meaningful, lasting support of camp!

Please contact us and let us know if you're interested in being with us at anytime to help with our ongoing facility needs. We will assign you to a task ahead of time so you will know what you are coming up to do. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact us if you want your name added to our email contact list for future projects.

Contact JOY at 613-332-3696
to sign up or Richard Provost
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would love to have you join the team!


Pray for JOY

Another way that JOY's supporters can give is to remember us faithfully in prayer.  

Print a copy of our Prayer Card and remember JOY during your prayer time.

Prayer Card









Renovate Hillside Lodge $30,000
Install a Metal Roof on Lakeside Lodge $13,000
Replace Stairs - Birch and Cedar Lodge $10,000-15,000
Replace Roof on Cedar Lodge $8000
Replace Washer & Dryer in Laundry Room $4000
Complete LED Lighting Project in Remaining Buildings $3000
Replace Commerical Propane Griddle in the Kitchen $3500
Replace 4 Broken Windows $3000
Purchase 15 Rolls of Flat Stock Aluminium to Install on All Fascia Boards $2250 = 15 x $150


  • 9 HP Boat Motor
  • Backhoe
  • Cross-Country skis (3-peg system)